Partnering with our extrusion bar supplier, we are always in position to have desired bar size without any down time. 

  • Hexagonal
  • Round
  • Square
  • Profile and sections according to CAD Drawings.

With our in-house spectro analysis and material testing equipment our customers are always assured of highest quality.


Our high-speed, live tooled four-axis vertical machining center is equipped with a 36x24x24 inch work envelope and turn-table stock changers. Our VMC can perform both contour milling and profiling operations, offering a repeatability of just (+/-) .0001 of an inch. Even on the most complex parts, our advanced milling equipment can machine reamed or tapped holes at precise locations. Our milling capability is focused around small, flexible equipment that can be easily reconfigured to accommodate multiple components.

CNC Turning

With our 3- , 4- and 5- axis CNC machining services ensures that you receive the best in service and quality, whether you require precision parts, rapid turnaround, or have close tolerance needs. Our turning capabilities range from producing precision blanks for downstream processes to machining parts. Bar diameters up to 50 mm (2 inches) and chucking applications up to 125 mm (6 inches) can be accommodated with ease.


We have developed customized product solutions already in the engineering process to realise quality, functionality and forging ability at costs as low as possible. In order to select the optimum material properties in a targeted way, we work in close collaboration with our customers concerning the material selection – always with regard to the final use of the component:

  • Lead-freeness
  • Formability and machinability
  • Strength and hardness
  • Corrosion, dezincification and wear resistance
  • Gliding properties

Electrical conductivity
Exports Unlimited manufactures more than 3 million drop-forged parts per year. Drop-forged parts made of brass material are produced with the latest manufacturing methods. CNC-controlled machining centers with integrated measurement technology and an internal quality control. We offer an integrated production process – from the own production of prematerial to the finished drop-forged part.